Dutch Weave Mesh

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Popularly known as Hollander Mesh. used for fine/micron sieving.

Unlike normal open meshes, Dutch weave mesh has the weft wires close together and no readily discernible apertures. The warp wires are thicker than the weft wires. Dutch weave mesh is woven in both plain Dutch weave and twilled Dutch weave. For special applications it can be reverse woven ('reverse Dutch weave'). Reverse Dutch weave can be made either plain or twilled: here it is the warp wires that lie close together, and they are thinner than the weft wires.This method of weaving enables mechanically strong meshes with tiny apertures to be produced. The mesh size is difficult to calculate as there are no square apertures, so the term 'retention' is used in the case of Dutch weave mesh, indicating that the mesh retains globules with a diameter larger than the retention value. Dutch weave meshes are woven with retention values of about 0.40mm down to a few microns.

Dutch weave mesh can be made of almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, including uncoated iron, Monel, stainless steel, bronze, copper and brass.Twill Dutch Weave, five-shaft weave are also manufactured.


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