Gabioin Mesh

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Used for demarcating an area or for security purposes.

We provide Gabion that is a double twisted wire mesh container of variable size, uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with other similar units and filled with the stone at the project site to form flexible and monolithic structures. Gabions offered by us are used in highly corrosive environment, earth control and soil conservation. Our gabions permit the growth of natural vegetation and maintain the natural environment of the area. These provide attractive and natural building blocks for decorative landscaping. Hence, gabions can be used effectively in Parks, along highways, around bridges and ponds to create walkways and beautify the surroundings.


  • Retaining structures/walls
  • Rock fall protection netting
  • Protection of highways
  • Barriers at the rivers
  • Bridges and culvert protection
  • Marine and seawall protection
  • Lining of steep slopes or slope protection
  • Revetments for lakes and seashores
  • Lining of canals and dams
  • Protection of islands
  • Lining behind water works discharges
  • Anti noise barriers
  • Construction of the gravitation abutment wall
  • River training and flood control


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